Personal Injury


It is impossible to go anywhere in the US, and not be overwhelmed by Attorneys spending big money looking for new clients.

All across North America, there are tens of thousands of Attorneys competing and searching for the same customers.

TV, Radio, Google, roadside billboards, park benches, Yellow Pages, newspapers, classified sections are loaded with attorney advertising for their personal injury or medical malpractice legal services.

Amongst them are all sorts of vanity toll free numbers from 800, 888, 877, 866 etc., with combo numbers. like 347-4LAW, in hopes that consumers will remember to call these numbers.

We know that once a consumer has heard or seen 1-800-TheClaim and, that it is impossible to forget this number. 1-800-TheClaim is always the next number to dial after 911.

Auto damage repair, accident victims, property damage, and other Emergency & Specialty Services are all in the same business with different skill sets.

As a lawyer who is always looking for a new client, 1-800-TheClaim is the best and most cost effective method you can find.

We know that 1-800-TheClaim will be more valuable for Attorneys than any other vanity number over time for several reasons.