About 1-800-THE-CLAIM

1-800-TheClaim functions as an information service.

We connect insurance claimants with Service and Claim Experts, who are experienced in restoration services and legal issues. They all regularly negotiate with insurance companies, agents, adjusters and other service providers.

You Need a Representative

A disaster or accident victim should never call an insurance company to find service providers. A referral from an insurer who must pay your claim, is a financial conflict of interest.

Insurance Profits

Most insurers do not pay to have your front wheels aligned following a front end crash.

They claim that at the time of the crash, your front end was out of alignment.

Insurers brag about their extraordinary claims service. They are correct.

They are extraordinary in protecting the insurers from claimants. They have 265 years of experience and billions of employee hours invested.


We never advise a claimant or service provider to lie about the true issues of any loss.

All insurance companies have special investigation units staffed by former FBI, Secret Service and Law Enforcement folk who work 24 / 7 waiting for a claimant or a Service and Claim Expert to step over the line.

Our Role

We have done due diligence and our best efforts to investigate Service and Claim Expert’s history and competencies. We expect them to provide their best service for your needs.

The Service and Claim Experts that we suggest are just that. A suggestion.

You have no obligation to use any Service that we may recommend, before you are comfortable that they are right for you and your situation.

If for any reason you are not comfortable, please seek services elsewhere. We never accept any liability for any sort of damages for any reason, as you always have the final decision to use or not to use our recommendations.

When you use 1-800-TheClaim’s referral service you agree that you always have the last and final decision on the services you employ.