Ron Alford Hello, My name is Ron Alford, DM.

Thanks for stopping by my new upgraded website now that I have over 4 decades in what I call The Grief Industry.

The DM stands for DISASTER MASTER. Disaster Master are two words that clearly define me and my profession.

In the latter part of 1979 I owned a floor covering store and Service King of Queens, an interior furnishing cleaning service.

Prior to moving to NYC Queens, I was the marketing guru for Safari Aviation in Hollywood, Florida — where I met Ron Ferguson. Mr Freguson owned the first truck mounted steam generator paired up with a 18 horsepower vacuum that he used to clean large, carpeted areas like restaurants and auto show rooms.

I had Ron Ferguson build a similar machine in a 1976 Ford Econoline van so I could do large projects. This truck mounted machine provided me with the only and best way to deal with flood damage from rain driven floods, major sewer backups, and frozen broken pipes in NYC.

Wanting to market this unique highly specialized emergency service to property owners as well as insurance Firms to mitigate the ongoing damages that water creates, I knew that my Service King brand did not clearly communicate the services that I was able to perform.

Then in the early part of 1978 I woke in the middle of the night with the idea that I was personally a DISASTER MASTER! I wrote these two words down and then over the next week or two, I incorporated DISASTER MASTERS in NY, NJ and CT and a while later created DISASTER MASTERS in Delaware.

My mission was to protect my personally owned DISASTER MASTERS brand from all others.

Yes, I Ron Alford am a documented DISASTER MASTER because that is what I did for water and fire damage victims. Having managed thousands of Insured losses with the major insurers in the Northeast due to our ability to respond on short order and arrest the ongoing damage, insurers recommended and retained me to restore the property, lives and finances for thousands.

By 1984 I had a staff of 28 Full time people and 4-5 trucks on the road 6 days a week and a pristine reputation with insurers of prompt emergency services from start to finish and my fees were never challenged because we never billed for anything that we did not do to the victim’s complete satisfaction.

In the spring of 1988 having learned how ignorant, not stupid, property owners of all size were and still are I authored The Crime of the Century – INSURANCE and sold over 10,000 copies of this book via Radio and TV talk shows.

Around 1992 prior to the first attempt to destroy the WTC in NYC and having seen and managed thousands of disasters in homes, multifamily dwellings and corporate offices in Manhattan — I assembled a team of subject matter experts in records management, facilities management and me, Disaster Management.

Having learned that large firms were clueless and functioned by committed, our team reached out to the top 25 law firms in NYC. Our mission was and still is to provide organizations and property owners with comprehensive “Disaster Prevention Audits”.

So, the Brand DISASTER MASTERS is still my personal property and is protected by the USPTO. Along the way, in spite of the DISASTER MASTERS mark existing on the internet before 1995 I have had way too many people borrow, copy or outright steal the brand and my Personal identity of DISASTER MASTERS.

After 40 successful years in business, I decided to license the DISASTER MASTERS® registered trademark — the most-easily recognized brand name for disaster management.

As you read this, you will not be able to recall one emergency services company anywhere that is recognized across North America. That includes, but is not limited to, insurance restoration firms, like fire, water, wind damage.

Lawyers who provide legal services for victims of accidents, commercial roofers, and even plumbers — other than one famous service company — and they are called Roto Rooter.

Since 1980 we have had to force illegal use of this Federally recognized trademark in the USA and Canada to cease and desist, because we did not have a licensing agreement at that time.

Some firms thought they could outpocket us by going to Federal Court to decide — but we have yet to lose one case.

The last trademark thief spent $250,000 in legal fees.

Many products and services across North America can benefit by having a license to use this truly unique mark to grow their business.

The DISASTER MASTERS® trademark is now ready to be marketed by a seasoned licensing expert.

DISASTER MASTERS offers consumers a relative and reliable Brand they can trust, to Prevent, Manage or Restore.

Industries for DISASTER MASTERS®

Texas Flood

Emergency and Specialty Services

Just think of the tens of thousands of businesses that do not have any kind of branding or community recognitions that litter America’s Landscape…

John’s Auto body, Fast Carpet cleaning, Bob’s towing services, Veterans Roofing, Acme Fire Restoration, The Dolan’s Law firm. All Night Plumbers and the list goes on for pages.

What happens when one of these firms are savvy enough to acquire a license to brand their business as DISASTER MASTERS® The Right People to Call, When Things Go Wrong™ ?


Person Wearing White Suit Holding White Container by Pexels

Disinfectants / Cleaning Products

Cleaning products with the bright red label of DISASTER MASTERS® will have an unfair advantage over almost any other brand on the shelves — because of these two words.

Just think of the tens of thousands of businesses without branding or community recognitions that litter America’s Landscape…

The DISASTER MASTERS® are the two words in the English language that tell consumers that DISASTER MASTERS, master disasters.


DISASTER MASTERS on custom t-shirt

Clothing / Garments / Protective Suits

Clothing manufacturers can also benefit from the DISASTER MASTERS® brand.

Emergency and Specialty Services can buy T shirts that say Plumbers like me are DISASTER MASTERS®, etc.


Person Wearing White Suit Holding White Container by Pexels

Children / Tweens / Teens

Not all kids are candidates to be a lawyer, doctor, or white collar professional.

Children need a role model, The DISASTER MASTERS® represent the unsung heroes in the collars of blue.




Lawyers / Legal

Lawyers come in all shapes and sizes. Big is not better.

The DISASTER MASTERS licensing agreement includes the use of 1-800-The-Claim — the first number to call after 911.


firefighters approach burning house

Water / Wind / Fire

Fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes create multiple problems for victims. Every problem must be identified and repaired.

The DISASTER MASTERS licensing agreement includes the use of 1-800-The-Claim — the first number to call after 911.


smashed car

Collision Repair

There are an average of 21 auto wrecks per minute, in the United States. That’s over 30,000 per day.


The DISASTER MASTERS licensing agreement includes the use of 1-800-The-Claim — the first number to call after 911.