Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I call 1 800 TheClaim instead of the insurance company to recover?

Ron Alford. Founder of Disaster Masters Conflict of interests. Your claim costs insurance companies money. Insurance companies are in the Cash Flow management business and not in business to restore anything, or anybody. Insurers have no financial incentive to help you, other than to steer you to a discount repair facility. In some states it is illegal for insurers to steer you to their favorite vendors and discount repair firms. Ron Alford, Founder of The Disaster Masters®

Does this service cost claimants/ me any money?

No, it is free for claimants. Our referral service is supported by subscriptions of our Service & Claim Experts.

How do Service & Claim Experts get paid?

Service & Claim Experts are compensated for the work they perform, by insurance companies and third parties.

How do I know I will get the best services?

Our reputation depends on your satisfaction. Like any service, you still have to make the final decision to retain the recommend Service and Claim Experts. We believe that our selection system is far superior than the average consumer’s, especially under stressful conditions.

Finding a qualified subject matter expert under the best of conditions is very risky. Finding real qualified Service and Claim Experts under severe stress following an accident or disaster is much more dangerous and akin to a blind man judging a beauty contest.

Will you give me a selection of vendors to pick from?

It depends. If your are involved in a car accident, and need a quality collision repair company who is a specialist in re-manufacturing your vehicle, and you, or a passenger incur serious injuries in the same event, we will provide you with the appropriate Service and Claim Experts.

1-800-TheClaim is not like a directory where you get several advertised listings, we believe that you are better off selecting one of our Service and Claim Experts than you are on your own, especially since you are under stressful conditions.

What are some of the tricks some insurers use to underpay a victim?

Like people, no two insurers are the same when it is time to pay. Some are many times better than others, but you will never know that until you become a claimant. Their biggest trick is to pay fast and cheap, when the claimant does not understand the scope of the damage. The other trick is to wear you down with time killers and dodge and delay as much as they can.

“Your adjuster is on vacation, and will not be back until next week.”

Insurers and their staff are unable to use these tricks on you, with a seasoned service and claim expert on your team.

What about insurers who tout their guarantee for the repairs to your property, by their discount repair companies?

Insurers written guarantees are just another promise written on paper. Bad work puts you in a place where you will have to file another insurance claim in the future. No insurance claim is fun or fast. Is it not much better to deal with a reputable Service and Claim Expert, who does the job right the first time with quality parts and labor? You only have one chance to do it. Do it right the first time.

How do insurance companies sell deep discounted policies and provide first class claim payments?

They don’t. There is not one financial incentive for discount insurers to send you to a first class restoration company, when you purchase discount insurance.

To the contrary, most discount insurance companies do their best to save their money by sending you to discounted restoration services, and for collision restorations some insist that imitation parts be used on your name brand vehicle.

Why should I choose 1-800-TheClaim’s recommendation?

We have over 37 years of experience. We know how to filter through Service and Claim Experts in the Vehicular Collision Repair, Water-Smoke-Contents Restoration, Fire-Wind Restoration, and the legal business who represent claimants in insurance matters.

Consequently, you benefit from our years of experience and wisdom in dealing with every size and type of subject.

How long will it take to be connected with a Service and Claim Expert?

In some cases we may be able to connect you directly with the Service and Claim Expert, or their office. In some cases it may take up to 24 hrs. for the Service and Claim Expert to contact you.

Are there any consumer books available to educate me about the dark side of the insurance business, and insurance claims?

What is the Bottom Line?

1-800-TheClaim is designed to save you time, money and the grief that always attends the disaster recovery restorations in the insurance claim process. We value your time, finances and sanity.