Auto Restoration


Auto Restoration

Do you remember the gargantuan success of the simple telephone number,“1-800-Flowers?”

It put the awesome power of a national marketing company behind local vendors. It gave thenational firm thousands of local outlets and gave the local outlets massive business. Today it is the leading florist in the world.

There is a telephone number that is equally as memorable in the insurance claim world.

Insurance companies want it, but they can’t have it – you can.

It is “1-800-The-Claim”. Now that you have heard it,you will remember it tonight, tomorrow, next week, even next month. And you can put its extraordinary influence to work for you.

Imagine having an answering service for just a dollar a day.

Just $365 a year. 1-800-The-Claim answers the phone 24/7 every day, all night, year round. And for just a dollar a day, you will own an exclusive“territory” that stretches out 40 minutes in every direction from your headquarters. Any call that 1800 TheClaim receives – auto-body repair, auto-glass repair, towing companies, etc. will be referred to you.

You will be charged just $25 per lead. If you don’t get the job for any reason, you owe us nothing more.

If you “close the deal,” and perform the work needed, you agree to pay +/- 10% of the job as our commission.

1-800-The-Claim is yours to use.

You may put it on your website, you may put it in your ads and commercials, and you may put it on your business cards. Use it to bring new business to your company.

Meanwhile we will be “working the Internet.” is already up and running. Our founder, Ron Alford, has already appeared on over 500 talk shows and he has written three insurance textbooks including “Car Insurance Secrets”.

Why bother?

According to the most recent statistics,there is an average of over 21 auto wrecks per minute, in the US. That’s over 30,000 per day. Accident victims currently invariably call their insurance company for advice, after calling 911. Their wrecked vehicles are generally directed to second rate auto repair facilities, by the discount insurance companies. That is Ron’s ultimate goal — to re-educate the public and empower them to make better choices when dealing with the insurance representatives. All too often consumers forget that the way insurance firms make money by charging as much as they can and paying back as little as they can. They are never told they can choose their own quality auto-body facility, to re-manufacture their vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Collision repair companies are faced with serious competition in the marketplace. Accordingly the insurance companies are doing their best to lower their costs by telling restorations companies what to charge for service no matter how much the Shop has invested in the latest equipment. Insurers treat shops alike in spite of their qualifications.

Aside from having our help to drive new customers to your company (like 1-800 Flowers), you will become a part of a national effort to take back the power that the insurance companies have usurped from the customer and from businesses like yours. Ron Alford has been involved in the insurance industry for over 40 years and he knows (as do you) that if the consumer calls you first (before calling the insurance company), you can see to it that he/she is treated fairly – now, with the power of 1-800-The-Claim and companies like yours, his plan is to “even the playing field,” for you and your clients.


Once you purchase your territory — $365 for 365 days, we cannot sell 1-800-The-Claim to any other restoration company in your area, it is as simple as that.

Your territory might be determined by population, by zip codes, by county or by any other geographic or demographic delineation upon which you and we and agree.

And here is our ultimate money back guarantee.

Even though $365 is pocket change to virtually any contractor reading this page, if you want to quit at any time,you may have your money back – pro-rated at a dollar a day. If you want out after just one day, you get $364 back.

If we discover that we are not a good match, we reserve the right to refund your money (pro-rated at a dollar a day) and we part in an equable manner – we want the best companies to work with us and we want to provide the best service for you.