Do you master others disasters?

Join The Disaster Masters

The Disaster Masters is the only active outreach marketing plan for SME like you on an exclusive basis.

The Disaster Masters is a network of EXPERTS helping other Experts, to be the BEST solution for accident and disaster victims in North America.

Finding Customers

When you market in printed directories, all of your competitors are in the same book.

You get shoppers, who waste your time and money. Quality has never been a part of any directory services.

Membership in The Disaster Masters is exclusive and very different.

General Membership Qualifications

Membership is not open to everyone. To qualify for Disaster Masters membership, you must adhere to ALL of the following criteria;

If you are approved by management, your General Membership will run for one year from the date of approval.

Your Investment

Your marketing investment in The Disaster Masters specifically depends on what you do, where you are located and how well you participate in growing within Disaster Masters.

After we understand your services and your abilities, you will be able to deliver rapid, reliable solutions to our customers via 1-800-TheClaim.

Executive Membership

General Members may apply for Executive Membership.

How Much Do You Spend to Find a New Customer?

Executive members must provide us with the information we need to determine their “Cost of Sales” over the past year.

We require a $99 application fee over and above dues of $365 for Executive Membership, in addition to the General Membership fee. Your application fee pays for our time to interview you, and learn what you do.

Our management will study your information to get a clear understanding of your “Cost of Sales”. We will be able to work on reducing your base cost, to increase profits.

We will prove to you that our method is far superior to your marketing system.

As an Executive Member of The Disaster Masters, you are exclusive in your catchment area, and what’s more your creditability is already established as competent Subject Matter Expert, so you never have to make long winded sales pitches again.

Executive Membership is a first come first served benefit to participate in the catchment area, via co-op marketing which is determined based on your expertise, and where your base is located.