All about The Claim

Your telephone number stinks and so does Google’s AdWords auctions!

With what you have now, you are more than likely wasting way too much time and money fishing for new customers who are way too far from your office or are not worth your time or both.

Less than 3 percent of the thousands of 10-digit toll free numbers are even close to being relative to the service you provide.

Therefore, they will Not work efficiently for your Firm. But it works very well for the Radio / TV / Print / SEO gurus and especially, Yelp, etc. all of the companies that take your marketing dollars with glee and put your firm next to all of your competitors? Sigh!

So what happens?

Your Firm ends up on the very same page as all of your competitors, which is just another directory where every advertiser is perceived to be equal and treated the same.

Let’s get real. Consumers like me are simply not able to remember or even CARE about the name of the advertiser or your local Tampa, Miami, NY, LA, 212, 813,305, 516 or “800 Bobs LAW” vanity number that are pasted in local ads, on highway billboards and worse where you may be squandering a boat load of inefficient dollars on a TV / Radio commercial just like all the rest.

So. If consumers do not care or cannot remember those 212 724 Law, or 813 358 hurt, or 888 911 flood then what works best? Also, it will take a dozen years before any .NET, .TV, .LAW, .BIZ, etc. will be of significant value, because our internet language will always be .com and that is a hard reality.

What is the perfect Toll-Free Telephone Number?

OK, then what makes an almost perfect toll free lead generating number for emergency &and specialty service businesses just like yours?

It absolutely has to be simple to remember and as most of all it has to be of real interest and value to consumers both now and for the future use.

We Were Brainwashed!

Sadly, but a documented fact, is both you and me are basically lazy and worse is that we have been brainwashed by the insurance industry to call them immediately when we suffer a disaster or accident.

Why? Insurance companies want to control THE CLAIM not you or the victim. To be redundant, Insurers want to immediately control THE CLAIM; so consumers are trained, NOT EDUCATED, to call insurers before you. Sigh!

Cooperative Marketing Works

Here are just a few great examples of how Cooperative marketing works flawlessly because a Toll free number must be completely relevant to your business i.e. 1 800 Flowers is huge for local florists, 1 800 Dentists works nationwide for local dentist and the list goes on.

A Telephone Number Needs a Website

Any good 800 number must have a website with the exact URL of the number for SEO and credibility for folks who cannot remember.

Example: the number 1 800 The Claim, has a website and this number is extremely relative to your services isn’t it?

Now 1 800 TheClaim is a perfect number for auto and property owners to memorize as the first number to call after 911 when they suffer property damage or a personal injury of any kind. Disaster and accident recovery are directly relative to insurance related problems that are

Want proof? Even Allstate Insurance employs

Why are you being sent this one time offer?

Simple. We want to be your exclusive marketing arm and your local adverting agency with national agency clout. We get more for less. :)

You are being sent this one time offer to learn how you and your Firm can participate in a one of a kind exclusive membership plan that allows you the exclusive use of 1 800 The Claim as your relative phone number in a territory generally within reasonable driving distance from any Victim. ThePLAN is like using a sniper’s rifle rather than a shot gun.

Membership Benefits

These are important things to know when you are one of our exclusive members.

  • You can say
  • We will be exclusive on your team.
  • Coop marketing provides enormous economies of scale that you are not able to fund on your own.
  • We provide regular local and national PR campaigns and prepared commercials for our members.
  • We provide you with alerts for you to run timely and relative Radio – TV ads.
  • We get your Firm to sponsor timely accidents reports so that victims have a recovery plan in place.
  • We get your Firm to sponsor timely severe weather reports so that storm victims know who to call first.
  • We distill callers up front and or directly have their call forwarded to your CELL phone for obvious reasons.
  • We know that you will want to help us grow this unique marketing plan by reaching out to your non competing peers across America to participate in this epic event.
  • We know that being a member of will insure consumer loyalty from North West Alaska and Canada, to Miami and all of the Caribbean.
  • We expect to grow our group to be more valuable and important to consumers than your local BBB.

Find Customers Near Your Service Business

And we know that less than 10 percent of any service business can service consumers more than a 30 to 45 minutes drive time from their base.

Therefore, the smartest thing a service company owner or partner can do is to share and depend on a true exclusive COOP a relative number like 1 800 The Claim provides for Firms whose business is funded by insurance claims.