The Best Recognized and Trusted Name

Light houses have provided security and safety for ships at sea to guide the way to safe harbors.

Likewise, the Disaster Masters® brand serves to provide that the consumer’s choice is always a safe and recognized place.   

In a recent focus group, 30 home owners were given a problem to solve in their home, business or apartment and then given a list of companies to call to remedy that problem. The DISASTER MASTERS was their number one choice by 89 percent.

Only 5 of the thirty had knowledge of 3 of the other firms and chose them. 

What does that mean as far as consumers are concerned?

The DISASTER MASTERS ® Registered Trademark brand is head and shoulders over the rest of the franchise and non-franchised Firms across North America.

List of Service Firms

  • Serv Pro 
  • Rainbow Internatinoal
  • Puro first 
  • Puro Clean 
  • Water Out 
  • Disaster Masters
  • Vanguard
  • Coverall 
  • Paul Davis 
  • Jan Pro 
  • DKI  Services 
  • Merry Maids 
  • Chem Dry 
  • Renew Crew
  • True Blue 
  • Bio Sweep 
  • Fix and Repair 
  • Maid Pro
  • Service Master Clean 


It is not simple to manage a 




Contents damage

Insurance Claims

Insurane Adjusters

The Disaster Masters are 

Consumer Advocates

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