History of Over 4 Decades in the Crisis Management Industry

As the pioneer in Proactive Disaster Management, Prevention, Management and the Restoration of buildings and Contents services since 1977, The Disaster Masters® have lead the way for people in need to find skilled, caring experts with decades of experience.

Disasters and Accidents of any kind are never convenient or fun.

Moreover, most victims do not have any kind of recovery plan in place.

The Disaster Masters® are the pioneers in the crisis management industry who provide all of the necessary steps that victims required to fully restore people’s property, lives and finances.

With thousands of successful projects, we provide the following:

We empower, educate and support consumers across North America with what matters most and that is, Quality Information.

Needs Assessment and Planning Services

Transparent Operations

Competent and honest project managers

4 Decades in business, with a pristine reputation

Our mission is Life Transition Management Services for those who need our unique services.

The DISASTER MASTERS is more equal to a hospital than a doctor, in that we provide one point of responsibility for any project that we agree to undertake.

Interested parties contact:

Licensing Opportunities

In a recent focus group, 30 home owners were given a problem to solve in their home, business or apartment and then given a list of companies to call to remedy that problem. The DISASTER MASTERS® was their number one choice by 89%.

Only 5 of the thirty had knowledge of 3 of the other firms and chose them.

What does that mean as far as consumers are concerned?

The DISASTER MASTERS® Registered Trademark brand is head and shoulders over the rest of the franchise and non-franchised Firms across North America.

If you want to employ the best name in the disaster management industry, licensing the DISASTER MASTERS® three decade trademark brand to identify your Firm is a very smart move.

Why? Cooperative efforts can be thousand times more cost efficient because a lot of people are using the same brand to attract customers.

Add to that a toll free number that is free for Licensees to use locally 1-800 The Claim, with our ready-made Radio and TV commercial are much more effective that any one Firm can do on there own.

We only license one Firm in a territory so, first come first serve.

To get your seat on the Disaster Masters® brand, call (212) 724 9225 now.